Virtual audio design and talent cultivation based on cloud resource scheduling

- By Li, Yan ; Ma, Fu ; Zhao, Xin


As we all know, effective resource management in complex and changeable networks is still a very important issue in the processing of cloud computer systems. Based on fuzzy programming theory, this paper studies cloud computing fuzzy and cloud resource scheduling problems under uncertain conditions. In order to show the execution time of the task, this paper also established a more practical cloud resource management model, and proposed a more complete planning algorithm based on the existing algorithm. At the same time, this article also introduces a virtual sound signal processing system. It uses a microphone to collect the measured sound signal, uses a computer to obtain the A/D and D/A conversion sound card, performs time-domain analysis and frequency analysis of the audio signal, suppresses whistle and plays recordings. China's accession to the WTO has brought extensive opportunities and new challenges to the development of education. The education market is in the process of developing internationally. The quality of higher education and educated students must be placed on an international competition platform to compete, and it must also conform to the general trend of the times. In addition, the country should also vigorously develop innovative education and train high-quality talents for socialist construction. This is also one of the key issues of higher education. In the end, this article starts with the research and exploration of the nature of quality, through the research of the quality system and structure of virtual audio design, puts forward the various qualities of the system with talents, puts forward a series of opinions, and establishes the corresponding mathematical model.