Virus on the move: global tourist flows and the Covid-19 pandemic

- By Sacramento, Octavio


In the relationship with Covid-19, tourism is mainly referred as a severely affected socio-economic sphere. Its role as a component of the system of conditions that triggered the pandemic is not given due prominence. In light of this situation, the analysis is guided by the aim of understanding how the tourism massification and the extensive air transport network that it requires, generating connectivity, transits and systemic speed, contributed to the sudden globalization of Sars-cov-2. To this end, data are mobilised from documentary research in different sources: media, sources associated with intergovernmental international institutions, and scientific sources. From these data it is possible to deduce that tourist contexts and their mobility structures are the result of complex more-than-human assemblages in which social, environmental and technological conditions emerge, functioning as powerful structural vectors of rapid transnational diffusion of biocontaminants responsible, in some cases, for pandemic scenarios like the one we have been living in since March 2020.