NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 5-A Educational services/ Primary education services
中文 初等教育服務
UNCPC 說明 921 Primary education services

 9211 92110 Preschool education services

Pre-primary school education services. Such education services are usually provided by nursery schools, kindergartens, or special sections attached to primary schools, and aim primarily to introduce very young children to anticipated school-type environment.

Exclusion: Child day-care services are classified in subclass 93321.

 9219 92190 Other primary education services

Other primary school education services at the first level. Such education services are intended to give the students a basic education in diverse subjects, and are characterized by a relatively low specialization level.

Exclusion: Services related to the provision of literacy programmes for adults are classified in subclass 92400 (Adult education services n.e.c.).