NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 4-C Distribution services/ Retailing services
中文 零售服務
UNCPC 631+632+6111+6113+6121
UNCPC 說明 631 Food retailing services

 6310 Retail sales of food, beverages and tobacco

  63101 Retail sales of fruit and vegetables

Retailing services of fresh, dried, frozen or canned fruits, nuts and vegetables. (Goods classified in CPC 012, 013, 213, 215.)

  63102 Retail sales of dairy products and eggs

Retailing services of dairy products and eggs. (Goods classified in CPC/029, 22.)

  63103 Retail sales of meat (incl. poultry) and meat products

Retailing services of meat, poultry and game, and meat products. (Goods classified in CPC 211.)

  63104 Retail sales of fish and other seafoods

Retailing services of fresh, prepared and preserved fish, and other seafoods. (Goods classified in CPC 04, 212.)

  63105 Retail sales of bread and flour confectionery

Retailing services of bread and other bakery products. (Goods classified in CPC 234.)

  63106 Retail sales of sugar confectionery

Retailing services of sugar confectionery, e.g. fruit or nuts preserved by sugar. (Goods classified in CPC 236.)

  63107 Retail sales of beverages not consumed on the spot

Retailing services of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages. (Goods classified in CPC 214, 24.)

Exclusion: Retailing services of beverages consumed on the spot are classified in group 643 (Beverages serving services for consumption on the premises).

  63108 Retail sales of tobacco products

Retailing services of tobacco products. (Goods classified in CPC 25.)

  63109 Specialized retail sales of food products n.e.c.

Retailing services of food products, not elsewhere classified, e.g./rice, edible oils and fats, salt, coffee, tea, sugar, cocoa and spices, noodles and similar farinaceous products. (Goods classified in CPC 011, 014, 016, 029, 162, 216, 231, 232, 235-239.)

632 Non-food retailing services

 6321 Retail sales of pharmaceutical and medical goods and cosmetics

  63211 Retail sales of pharmaceutical, medical and orthopaedic goods

Retailing services of pharmaceutical goods, other articles for medical or surgical purposes and orthopaedic goods. (Goods classified in CPC/352, 481.)

  63212 Retail sales of perfumery articles, cosmetic articles and toilet soaps

Retailing services of perfumes, cosmetic articles and toilet soaps and preparations. (Goods classified in CPC 3532.)

 6322 Retail sales of textiles, clothing, footwear and leather goods

  63221 Retail sales of textiles

Retailing services of textiles other than clothing, e.g. wool, yarn and thread, and made-up textile articles. (Goods classified in CPC 26, 27.)

  63222 Retail sales of articles of clothing, articles of fur and clothing accessories

Retailing services of men's, women's and boys' clothing, including articles of fur, and clothing accessories. (Goods classified in CPC 28, 3892.)

  63223 Retail sales of footwear

Retailing services of footwear of any material and for any purpose. (Goods classified in CPC 293-296.)

  63224 Retail sales of leather goods and travel accessories

Retailing services of luggage handbags, saddlery and other articles of leather and travel accessories. (Goods classified in CPC 292.)

Exclusion: Retailing services of leather footwear are classified in subclass 63223.

 6323 Retail sales of household appliances, articles and equipment

  63231 Retail sales of household furniture

Retailing services of household furniture. (Goods classified in CPC/3811, 3813-3816.)

  63232 Retail sales of household appliances

Retailing services of domestic appliances, e.g. refrigerators and freezers, dishwashing machines, washing and drying machines of the household type, domestic cooking and heating equipment, vacuum cleaners, and other small domestic appliances. (Goods classified in CPC 448.)

  63233 Retail sales of miscellaneous household utensils, cutlery, crockery, glassware, china and pottery

Retailing services of domestic fabricated metal products, cutlery, crockery, glassware of a kind used for table, kitchen, toilet, indoor decoration or similar purposes, and ceramic household and ornamental wares. (Goods classified in CPC 3719, 372, 4291.)

  63234 Retail sales of radio and television equipment, musical instruments and records, music scores and tapes

Retailing services of radio and television equipment, musical instruments, music scores, and audio and video records and tapes. (Goods classified in CPC 3226, 383, 47.)

  63235 Retail sales of articles for lighting

Retailing services of lighting articles and equipment. (Goods classified in CPC 465.)

  63236 Retail sales of curtains, net curtains and divers household articles of textile materials

Retailing services of made-up household textile articles, e.g. curtains, net curtains and other household articles of textile materials. (Goods classified in CPC 27.)

  63237 Retail sales of wood, cork goods and wickerwork goods

Retailing services of wooden ware, cork goods and wickerwork goods. (Goods classified in CPC 314-319.)

  63239 Retail sales of household appliances, articles and equipment n.e.c.

Retailing services of household articles and equipment, not elsewhere classified, e.g. domestic fabricated metal products, not elsewhere classified. (Goods classified in CPC 4292-4299.)

Exclusion: Retailing services of hand tools are classified in CPC 63241 (Retail sales of hardware).

 6324 Retail sales of hardware, paints, varnishes and lacquers, glass, construction materials and do-it-yourself materials and equipment

  63241 Retail sales of hardware

Retailing services of basic hardware lines, not elsewhere classified, e.g. hand tools and builders' hardware such as door locks and lock sets, screws and nails. (Goods classified in CPC 42.)

Exclusions: Retailing services of paints, varnishes and lacquers are classified in subclass 63242.

Retailing services of other construction materials are classified in subclass 63245.

  63242 Retail sales of paints, varnishes and lacquers

Retailing services of paints, varnishes and lacquers. (Goods classified in CPC 35110.)

Exclusion: Retailing services of colours and drawing inks are classified in subclass 63244 (Retail sales of do-it-yourself materials and equipment).

  63243 Retail sales of glass

Retailing services of glass for construction. (Goods classified in CPC/3711.)

  63244 Retail sales of do-it-yourself materials and equipment

Retailing services of a variety of goods of wood, paper, plastics, rubber or glass and of some chemical products, e.g. colours and drawing inks, which are employed, e.g. in the pursuit of hobbies or in do-it-yourself repair. (Goods classified in CPC 321, 351, 354, 36, 371.)

  63245 Retail sales of construction materials n.e.c.

Retailing services of construction materials, not elsewhere classified, e.g. lumber, structural metal products, and other non-metallic structural products. (Goods classified in CPC 15, 311-313, 373-379, 421.)

 6325 Retail sales of office equipment, books, newspapers and stationery and photographic, optical and precision equipment

  63251 Retail sales of office supplies and equipment

Retailing services of office supplies and equipment, e.g. paper and paperboard products, printed matter for the office, office and accounting machinery, and office furniture. (Goods classified in CPC/32, 351, 3812, 3891, 451.)

  63252 Retail sales of computers and non-customized software

Retailing services of computing machinery and related accessories, and non-customized software. (Products classified in CPC 452, 842.)

  63253 Retail sales of books, newspapers, magazines and stationery

Retailing services of books, newspapers, magazines and stationery other than for specific office use. (Goods classified in CPC 32.)

Exclusion: Retailing services of printed matter for office use are classified in subclass 63251.

  63254 Retail sales of photographic, optical and precision equipment

Retailing services of photographic goods, e.g. photographic equipment, plates and film, optical goods, e.g. microscopes and binoculars, and precision equipment. (Goods classified in CPC 3894, 3895, 482, 483.)

 6329 Other specialized retail sales of non-food products

  63291 Retail sales of cleaning materials, wallpaper and floor coverings

Retailing services of cleaning and polishing preparations, wallpaper and floor coverings. (Goods classified in CPC 272, 316, 3219, 3533, 36910, 38930.)

  63292 Retail sales of watches, clocks and jewellery

Retailing services of watches, clocks and jewellery. (Goods classified in CPC 163, 382, 484.)

  63293 Retail sales of sports goods (incl. bicycles)

Retailing services of sports goods, e.g. snow-ski equipment, water-sport equipment, equipment for sports fishing, athletics articles and equipment, other articles and equipment for sports or outdoor games including bicycles. (Goods classified in CPC 384, 494, 49921.)

  63294 Retail sales of games and toys

Retailing services of all types of games and toys including video games. (Goods classified in CPC 385.)

  63295 Retail sales of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers and pet animals

Retailing services of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers and live pet animals, and preparations of a kind used in animal feeding. (Goods classified in CPC 015, 021, 161, 23300, 346.)

  63296 Retail sales of souvenirs

Retailing services of a variety of goods that can be considered as souvenirs, e.g. greeting cards, miscellaneous small art goods and other gift articles. (Goods classified in CPC 319, 325, 3532, 3719, 38, but also 24, 28, 29, 362, 369 could be considered as such.)

  63297 Retail sales of fuel oil, bottled gas, coal and wood

Retailing services of divers combustibles, such as fuel oils, bottled gas, coal and lignite, wood charcoal and fuel wood, for heating, cooking and other purposes. (Goods classified in CPC 03, 11, 12, 31, 33, 345.)

Exclusion: Retailing services of motor fuel are classified in subclass 61300.

  63299 Specialized retail sales of non-food products n.e.c.

Retailing services of a variety of consumer goods, not elsewhere classified, e.g. trailers and semi-trailers, electrical machinery and apparatus, and transport equipment, not elsewhere classified. (Goods classified in CPC 43, 44, 46, 49.)

6111 Sales of motor vehicles

 61111 Wholesale trade services of motor vehicles

Wholesaling and commission agents' services of passenger motor cars, motor buses and motor coaches, motor lorries and trucks, over-the-road truck tractors, semi-trailers and trailers. (Goods classified in CPC/491, 492.)

 61112 Retail sales of motor vehicles

Retailing services of passenger motor vehicles including specialized passenger motor vehicles (ambulances, caravans, microbuses, etc.), motor vehicles to negotiate unusual terrain and other passenger motor vehicles with motor-car type steering mechanisms; motor lorries and motor coaches and buses. (Goods classified in CPC 491.)

6113 Sales of parts and accessories of motor vehicles

 61130 Sales of parts and accessories of motor vehicles

Wholesaling, commission agents' and retailing services of new or used parts and accessories of motor vehicles of a type described in the notes to subclass 61112. (Goods classified in CPC 431, 491, 492.)

6121 Sales of motorcycles and snowmobiles and related parts and accessories

 61210 Sales of motorcycles and snowmobiles and related parts and accessories

Wholesaling and retailing services of motorcycles and snowmobiles and related parts and accessories. (Goods classified in CPC 49117, 4991.)