NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 2-C-n Communication services/ Telecommunication services/ on-line information and/or data processing (inc/transaction processing)
中文 資訊處理服務
UNCPC 843**
UNCPC 說明 843 Data processing services

 8431 84310 Input preparation services

Data recording services such as key punching, optical scanning or other methods for data entry.

 8432 84320 Data-processing and tabulation services

Services such as data processing and tabulation services, computer calculating services, and rental services of computer time.

 8433 84330 Time-sharing services

This seems to be the same type of services as 84320. Computer time is bought; if it is bought from the customer's premises, telecommunications services are also bought. Data processing or tabulation services may also be bought from a service bureau. In both cases the services might be time sharing processed. Thus, there is no clear distinction between 84320 and 84330.