NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 1-A-d Business services/ Professional Services/ Architectural services
中文 建築服務
UNCPC 8671
UNCPC 說明 8671 Architectural services

 86711 Advisory and pre-design architectural services

Assistance, advisory and recommendation services concerning architectural and related matters. Included here are services as undertaking preliminary studies addressing issues such as site philosophy, intent of development, climatic and environmental concerns, occupancy requirements, cost constraints, site selection analysis, design and construction scheduling and any other issues affecting the nature of the design and construction of a project. The provision of these services is not necessarily related to a new construction project. For example, it may consist of advice concerning the means of carrying out maintenance, renovation, restoration or recycling of buildings, or appraisals of the value and quality of buildings or of advice on any other architectural matter.

 86712 Architectural design services

Architectural design services for buildings and other structures. Design services may consist of one or a combination of the following: schematic design services, which consist of determining, with the client, the essential character of the project, defining intent, space requirements, budget limitations and time scheduling; and of preparing sketches including floor plans, site plans and exterior views; design development services, which consist of a more precise illustration of the design concept in terms of siting plan, form, material to be used, structural, mechanical and electrical systems and probable construction costs; final design services, which consist of drawings and written specifications sufficiently detailed for tender submission and construction, and of expert advice to the client at the time of calling for and accepting tenders.

 86713 Contract administration services

Advisory and technical assistance services to the client during the construction phase to ensure that the structure is being erected in conformity with the final drawings and specifications. This involves services provided both in offices and the field, such as construction inspection, preparation of progress reports, issuance of certificates for payments to the contractor, guidance to the client and the contractor in the interpretation of contract documents and any other advice on technical questions that may develop during construction.

 86714 Combined architectural design and contract administration services

Combinations of architectural services utilized on most projects including schematic design, design development, final design and contract administration services. This may include post construction services which consist of the assessment of deficiencies in construction and instructions regarding corrective measures to be taken during the 12-month period following the completion of the construction.

 86719 Other architectural services

All other services requiring the expertise of architects, such as the preparation of promotional material and presentations, preparation of as-built drawings, constant site representation during the construction phase, provision of operating manuals, etc.