NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 1-F-t Business services/ Other Business Services/ Other
中文 其他
UNCPC 8790
UNCPC 說明 8790 Other business services

This Class is divided into the following Subclasses:

 87901 Credit reporting services

Services consisting in the reporting of credit ratings of persons and businesses. This involves the evaluation of the financial status and credit experience of prospective customers, loan applicants, etc.

 87902 Collection agency services

Services consisting in the collection on a fee or contract basis of accounts, cheques, contracts or notes, and remittance of the money to the client. Included are both the collection of regular accounts (e.g. utility bills) and the recovery of delinquent accounts. Also included is the outright purchase of delinquent accounts and debts and subsequent recovery.

 87903 Telephone answering services

Services consisting in the provision of telephone answering services. Included are telephone call forwarding services (excluding paging services), and telephone wake-up services.

 87904 Duplicating services

Services consisting in the provision of duplicating services. Included are blue printing, photocopying, mimeographing, photostating, and other duplication services other than printing.

 87905 Translation and interpretation services

Services consisting in the provision of translation and interpretation services. Translation services generally relate to the rewriting of texts from one language to another; while interpretation services are generally concerned with stating orally in one language what has been stated orally in another language.

 87906 Mailing list compilation and mailing services

Services consisting in compiling and selling the use of lists of names and addresses from telephone directories and other sources, or in sending materials (e.g. advertising material, information material) by envelope addressing, stuffing, sealing, metering and mailing.

 87907 Specialty design services

Services consisting in creating designs and preparing patterns for a variety of products by harmonizing aesthetic considerations with technical and other requirements. Included in this category are furniture designs, interior designs and decorations and aesthetic designs for various other consumer products. Design services for industrial products are classified in subclass 86726 (Engineering design services n.e.c.).

Exclusion: Graphic design services are classified in group 871 (Advertising services).

  87909 Other business services n.e.c.

Services generally provided to businesses, not elsewhere classified. Included here are business brokerage services, appraisal services other than for real estate, secretarial services, demonstration and exhibition services, etc.