NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 1-F-q Business services/ Other Business Services/ Packaging services
中文 包裝服務
UNCPC 說明 876 Packaging services

 8760 Packaging services

  87600 Packaging services

Services consisting in packaging goods for others on a fee or contract basis, such as food products, pharmaceuticals, household cleaners, toilet preparations and hardware using a variety of automated or manual packaging techniques including blister forming and packaging, shrink or skin wrapping, form filling and sealing, pouch filling, bottling and aerosol packaging. Parcel packing and gift wrapping are also included. This service may also include the labelling or imprinting of the package.

Exclusions: If the services provided consist solely of printing information on packaging materials, it is classified in the appropriate subclass of group 325 or 326, i.e. printed matter or articles of paper or paperboard.

Packing and crating services incidental to transport are classified in division 74 (Supporting and auxiliary transport services).

Package design services are classified in subclass 87907 (Specialty design services).

If the packaging services also include processing of client owned materials into a different product (e.g. mixing water and concentrate to produce soft drinks, cooking fish prior to canning, blending creams and colouring materials into cosmetics), it is classified in the appropriate subclass of group 884 or 885 (Services incidental to manufacturing).