NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 1-F-m Business services/ Other Business Services/ Related scientific and technical consulting services
中文 與科技工程有關之顧問服務
UNCPC 8675
UNCPC 說明 8675 Engineering related scientific and technical consulting services

This Class is divided into the following Subclasses:

 86751 Geological, geophysical and other scientific prospecting services

Geological, geophysical, geochemical and other scientific consulting services as they relate to the location of mineral deposits, oil and gas and groundwater by studying the properties of the earth and rock formations and structures. Included here are the services of analysing the results of subsurface surveys, the study of earth sample and core, and assistance and advice in developing and extracting mineral resources.

 86752 Subsurface surveying services

Gathering services of information on subsurface earth formations by different methods, including seismographic, gravimetric, magnetometric and other subsurface surveying methods.

 86753 Surface surveying services

Gathering services of information on the shape, position and/or boundaries of a portion of the earth's surface by different methods, including transit, photogrammetric and hydrographic surveying, for the purpose of preparing maps.

 86754 Map making services

Map-making services consisting in the preparation and revision of maps of all kinds (e.g. road, cadastral, topographic, planimetric, hydrographic) using results of survey activities, other maps, and other information sources.