NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 1-F-l Business services/ Other Business Services/ Investigation and security
中文 調查和安全服務
UNCPC 說明 873 Investigation and security services

 8730 Investigation and security services

This Class is divided into the following Subclasses:

  87301 Investigation services

Services consisting in investigating cases submitted by the client, relating to crimes, theft, fraud, shoplifting, dishonesty, missing persons, domestic relations and other unlawful or lawful practices. Included are internal and undercover investigation and shoplifting protection services.

  87302 Security consultation services

Services consisting in determining client's needs and providing advice and suggestions as to the type of security that is best suited for the client or as to improvements in existing systems.

  87303 Alarm monitoring services

Services consisting in monitoring and maintaining security systems devices, such as burglar and fire alarms, by receiving alarm signals, confirming or checking that all systems are properly functioning and dispatching police officers, fire department or other designated parties.

  87304 Armoured car services

Services consisting in providing an armoured car to pick up and deliver money, receipts or other valuable items, with hired personnel to directly protect properties while in transit. The services generally imply bank collection and deposit services, securities transfer, etc.

  87305 Guard services

Services consisting in providing protective services through hired personnel to ensure safety of people or private, industrial and commercial properties by guarding them against fire, theft, vandalism or illegal entry. Included are patrol and inspection services, security guard services, bodyguard services, watchdog services, parking control and access control services.

  87309 Other security services

Security services not elsewhere classified.