NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 1-F-d Business services/ Other Business Services/ Services related to ma/ consulting
中文 與管理顧問相關之服務
UNCPC 說明 866 Services related to management consulting

 8660 Services related to management consulting

  86601 Project management services other than for construction

Coordination and supervision services of resources in preparing, running and completing a project on behalf of the client. Project management services can involve budgeting, accounting and cost control, procurement, planning of timescales and other operating conditions, coordination of subcontractors' work, inspection and quality control, etc. These services consist only of management services; operating staff services are excluded.

Exclusions: Construction project management services are classified in class 8671 (Architectural services), 8672 (Engineering services) and, for turnkey projects, 8673 (Integrated engineering services).

  86602 Arbitration and conciliation services

Assistance services through arbitration or mediation for the settlement of a dispute between labour and management, between businesses or between individuals.

Exclusions: Representation services on behalf of one of the parties in the dispute and consulting services in the field of labour relations are classified in subclass 86190 (Other legal advisory and information services), 95110 (Services furnished by business and employers organizations) and 95200 (Services furnished by trade unions), respectively.

  86609 Other management services n.e.c.

Management services, not elsewhere classified.