NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 12 Other services not included elsewhere
中文 別處未包括的其他服務
UNCPC 95+97+98+99
UNCPC 說明 95 Services of membership organizations

Services rendered by membership organizations to the general public or to other businesses are classified according to the principal services involved (e.g. as lodging, insurance, education or medical services).

This Division is divided into the following Groups:

 951 Services furnished by business, employers and professional organizations

  9511 95110 Services furnished by business and employers organizations

Information dissemination services, representation services before government agencies, public relations services, labour negotiations services and other services, supplied by associations whose member interests centre on the development and welfare of business or trade in general or of a particular line.

Exclusion: Public relations services rendered by others, on a fee or contract basis, on behalf of the association are classified in subclass 86506 (Public relations services).

  9512 95120 Services furnished by professional organizations

Information dissemination services, development and supervision services of standards of practice for particular professions, representation services before government agencies and public relations services; other services supplied by associations whose member interests centre on scholarly disciplines or professional practices of technical fields in general or of a particular field.

 952 9520 95200 Services furnished by trade unions

Representation services of members' views concerning the work situation and organizational services for concerted action, provided by associations whose members are mainly employees.

 959 Services furnished by membership organizations n.e.c.

  9591 95910 Religious services

Religious worship, training and study services provided directly to worshippers by churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and other houses of worship, and by own account ministers of religion. General religious worship services, evangelistic and missionary services, specialized religious services such as marriage services, services for the dead, confirmation services, baptismal and christening services, etc. Religious services, including retreat services provided by houses of religious orders. Services related to religion and religious services, not elsewhere classified.

  9592 95920 Services furnished by political organizations

Information dissemination services, public relations services, fund-raising services and similar services, provided by political parties and similar organizations associated with a political party or candidates. These organizations are chiefly engaged in placing members of the party, or those sympathetic to the party, in political office.

 9599 Services furnished by other membership organizations n.e.c.

  95991 Civic betterment and community facility support services

Services provided by civic betterment associations and similar organizations which are chiefly composed of individuals who have associated together for the purpose of furthering a public cause or issue by means of public education, political influence, etc. Also included are services provided by associations for the support of community, social and educational facilities.

  95992 Special group advocacy services

Services provided by associations for the protection and betterment of special groups, such as ethnic and minority groups.

  95993 Services provided by youth associations

Services provided by associations of young people and children. Services of boys', girls' and similar associations, and of student associations, clubs and fraternities.

  95999 Other services provided by membership organizations n.e.c.

Services provided by fraternal societies and similar organizations, patriotic association services, cultural and non-sporting recreational club services and social and related community services, not elsewhere classified.

Exclusion: Services of sporting clubs are classified in class 9641 (Sporting services).

97 970 Other services

 9701 Washing, cleaning and dyeing services

  97011 Laundry collection services

Laundry services involving the receipt or delivery of clothes without performing working or cleaning services.

  97012 Textile and fur product cleaning services

Washing and other cleaning services, except dry cleaning, of apparel and other textile articles, including underwear, outerwear, curtains, table linens, bed linens and rugs. Such services may be performed on customer premises. They may also consist of the provision of coin-operated machines which are used by the customer. Also included are washing and rental of textile articles, such as diapers, linens and industrial work uniforms.

  97013 Dry cleaning services

Dry cleaning services of apparel and other textile articles. Such services may consist of the provision of coin-operated machines which are used by the customer.

  97014 Pressing services

Pressing services of apparel and other textile articles, including bed linens and table linens after the cleaning process.

  97015 Dyeing and colouring services

Dyeing and colouring services of apparel and other textile articles.

Exclusion: Dyeing and colouring services of yarns and cloth are classified in class 8842 (Manufacture of textiles, wearing apparel and leather products on a fee or contract basis).

  9702 97021 Hairdressing and barbers' services

Hair-cutting and hairdressing services for males, females and children, including shaving and the care of beards.

  97022 Cosmetic treatment, manicuring and pedicuring services

Face and beauty treatment, cosmetic treatment, manicure and pedicure services.

  97029 Other beauty treatment services n.e.c.

Personal hygiene, body care, depilation, massage, excluding therapeutical massage, treatment with ultraviolet rays and infra-red rays, solarium and other hygienic services.

  9703 97030 Funeral, cremation and undertaking services

Arrangement of a traditional funeral and cremation and funeral ceremony services. Maintenance services of cemeteries, care of graves, graveyards, carriage of corpses, cremation, disinterment services.

  9709 97090 Other services n.e.c.

98 980 9800 98000 Private households with employed persons

Services provided by private households in their capacity of employing all kinds of household personnel, such as maids, cooks, babysitters and tutors.

Exclusion: Independent units (including individuals) providing services to households are classified according to their principal activity.

99 990 9900 99000 Services provided by extraterritorial organizations and bodies

Services provided by the United Nations, its specialized agencies, regional bodies, etc., the Organization of American States, the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, the European Communities, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Organization of African Unity, the League of Arab States, the Customs Cooperation Council, the Organization of Oil Producing and Exporting Countries, and other international bodies or extraterritorial units.