NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 11-F-d Transport services/ Road Transport Services/ Maintenance and repair of road transport equipment
中文 公路運輸設備的維修
UNCPC 6112+8867
UNCPC 說明 6112 61120 Maintenance and repair services of motor vehicles

Automobile maintenance and repair services. Such services may involve engine overhaul, motor tune up, carburettor repair and adjustment, electrical system repair and battery charging, steering gear repair and adjustment, wheel adjustment and balancing, suspension repair, brake repair and adjustment, transmission repair and adjustment, exhaust system repair, cooling system repair including water hose replacement and other automobile maintenance and repair services.

Automobile body repair and similar services. Such services may involve door and lock repair, bumper straightening and repair, repainting, collision repair; upholstery repair and window screen and window replacement and other automobile body repair services.

Also included here are automobile emergency road services and cleaning and routine maintenance services, such as vehicle laundry and car wash services, undercoating, polishing and waxing services etc.

Exclusion: Puncture repair services are classified here, but rebuilt and retreaded tyres are classified in subclass 36120.

8867 88670 Repair services n.e.c of motor vehicles, trailers, and semi-trailers on a fee or contract basis.

No description as the items of division 88 "agricultural, mining and manufacturing services" are not described by CPC