NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 11-F-b Transport services/ Road Transport Services/ Freight transportation
中文 貨運運輸
UNCPC 7123
UNCPC 說明 71231 Transportation of frozen or refrigerated goods

Transportation by road of frozen or refrigerated goods, in specially refrigerated trucks and cars.

71232 Transportation of bulk liquids or gases

Transportation by road of bulk liquids or gases in special tank trucks. These vehicles may also be refrigerated.

71233 Transportation of containerized freight

Transportation by road of individual articles and packages assembled and shipped in specially constructed shipping containers designed for ease of handling in transport.

71234 Transportation of furniture

Transportation of furniture by road over any distance.

Exclusion: Furniture transportation by transoceanic shipment is classified in subclass 72123 (Transportation of containerized freight).

71235 Mail transportation

Transportation of mail by any land mode of transport other than railway.

71236 Freight transportation by man or animal drawn vehicles

Transportation of freight by man or animal drawn vehicles.

71239 Transportation of other freight

Transportation by land modes of transport other than railway, of freight, not elsewhere classified.