NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 1-B-c Business services/ Computer and Related Services/ Data processing services
中文 資料處理服務
UNCPC 說明 8843 Data processing services

 8431 84310 Input preparation services

Data recording services such as key punching, optical scanning or other methods for data entry.

 8432 84320 Data-processing and tabulation services

Services such as data processing and tabulation services, computer calculating services, and rental services of computer time.

 8433 84330 Time-sharing services

This seems to be the same type of services as 84320. Computer time only is bought; if it is bought from the customer's premises, telecommunications services are also bought. Data processing or tabulation services may also be bought from a service bureau. In both cases the services might be time sharing processed. Thus, there is no clear distinction between 84320 and 84330.

 8439 84390 Other data processing services

Services which manage the full operations of a customer's facilities under contract: computer-room environmental quality control services; management services of in-place computer equipment combinations; and management services of computer work flows and distributions.