NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 1-B-b Business services/ Computer and Related Services/ Software implementation services
中文 軟體執行服務
UNCPC 說明 8842 Software implementation services

All services involving consultancy services on, development and implementation of software. The term "software" may be defined as the sets of instructions required to make computers work and communicate. A number of different programmes may be developed for specific applications (application software), and the customer may have a choice of using ready-made programmes off the shelf (packaged software), developing specific programmes for particular requirements (customized software) or using a combination of the two.

 8421 84210 Systems and software consulting services

Services of a general nature prior to the development of data processing systems and applications. It might be management services, project planning services, etc,

 8422 84220 Systems analysis services

Analysis services include analysis of the clients' needs, defining functional specification, and setting up the team. Also involved are project management, technical coordination and integration and definition of the systems architecture.

 8423 84230 Systems design services

Design services include technical solutions, with respect to methodology, quality-assurance, choice of equipment software packages or new technologies, etc.

 8424 84240 Programming services

Programming services include the implementation phase, i.e. writing and debugging programmes, conducting tests, and editing documentation.

 8425 84250 Systems maintenance services

Maintenance services include consulting and technical assistance services of software products in use, rewriting or changing existing programmes or systems, and maintaining up-to-date software documentation and manuals. Also included are specialist work, e.g. conversions.