NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 7-B-l Financial services/ Banking and other financial services (exc/Insurance)/ Provision and transfer of financial information, financial services
中文 由其他金融的服務提供者提供和轉讓金融資訊金融資料處理和相關軟體
UNCPC 8131
UNCPC 說明 8131 Services related to the administration of financial markets

Operation and supervision of financial markets (security exchanges, stock exchanges, commodity exchanges, etc.) other than by public authorities.

 81311 Financial market operational services

Administrative services consisting in furnishing space and other facilities necessary for the operation of security and commodity exchanges.

 81312 Financial market regulatory services

Monitoring and enforcement services of rules and regulations in the financial markets pertaining to deposit and loan services and respective institutions, and to securities markets and participants in those markets.

 81319 Other financial market administration services

Administrative services to security or commodity holders, brokers or dealers, e.g. security custody services, financial reporting services, and other market administration services, not elsewhere classified.