NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 7-A-d Financial services/ All insurance and insurance-related services/ Services auxiliary to insurance (including broking and agency services)
中文 保險輔助服務(包括經紀業和代理行服務)
UNCPC 8140
UNCPC 說明 8140 Services auxiliary to insurance and pension funding

Services closely related to management of insurance and pension funding.

 81401 Insurance broking and agency services

Services of intermediaries between insurance companies and their clients.

 81402 Insurance and pension consultancy services

Advisory services to businesses or persons on commercial or personal insurance coverage, with or without a profit element, including such services on pension (annuity) matters.

 81403 Average and loss adjustment services

("Average" is used in marine insurance to cover partial loss of ship or cargo.) Evaluation and adjustment services of insurance claims.

 81404 Actuarial services

Services consisting in calculation of insurance risks and premiums.

 81405 Salvage administration services

Salvage administration services other than marine salvage administration services.

 81409 Other services auxiliary to insurance and pension funding

Regulatory and monitoring services of insurance indemnities.

Exclusion: Pension fund management services are classified in subclass/81212 (Pension and annuity services).