NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 6-B Environmental services/ Refuse disposal services
中文 廢棄物處理服務
UNCPC 9402
UNCPC 說明 9402 94020 Refuse disposal services

Refuse collection and disposal services. Collection services of garbage, trash, rubbish and waste, whether from households or from industrial and commercial establishments, transport services and disposal services by incineration or by other means. Waste reduction services are also included.

Exclusions: Dealing services in wastes or scraps are classified in subclass 62118 (Sales on a fee or contract basis of goods n.e.c.) and 62278 (Wholesale trade services of waste and scrap and materials for recycling).

Research and experimental development services on environmental issues are classified in division 85.

Regulatory administrative services by the government related to environmental issues are classified in subclass 91123 (Administrative housing and community amenity services), 91131 (Administrative agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting related services) and 91132 (Administrative fuel and energy related services).