NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 1-A-h Business services/ Professional Services/ Medical and dental services
中文 內科和牙科服務
UNCPC 9312
UNCPC 說明 9312 Medical and dental services

Services chiefly aimed at preventing, diagnosing and treating illness through consultation by individual patients without institutional nursing, except nursing provided by hospital out-patient clinics (for a part of the day).

 93121 General medical services

Services consisting in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment by doctors of medicine of physical and/or mental diseases of a general nature, such as consultations, injections (limited and/or periodical), physical check-ups, etc. These services are not limited to specified or particular conditions, diseases or anatomical regions. They can be provided in general practitioners' practices, and also delivered by out-patient clinics, attached to firms, schools, etc.

 93122 Specialized medical services

Diagnosis and treatment services by doctors of medicine of diseases of a specific nature, delivered in a specialists' practice or health institution (including hospital in-/out-patient clinics).

These services are defined as those limited to specific or particular conditions, diseases or anatomical regions (except dental services), such as medical services for the following: nervous system; eye; ear, nose and throat; respiratory system; circulatory system; digestive system; hepatobiliary system and pancreas; musculoskeletal system connected tissues; skin, subcutaneous tissue and breast; endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases and disorders; kidney and urinary tract; male reproductive system; female reproductive system; pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium; newborns and other neonates; blood and bloodforming organs; myeloproliferative disorders; infectious and parasitic diseases; mental diseases and disorders; substance use and substance induced organic mental disorders; injuries, poisonings and toxic effects of drugs; burns; factors influencing health status and other contacts with health services (e.g. rehabilitation, aftercare, etc.).

Exclusion: Services of medical laboratories are classified in subclass/93199 (Other human health services n.e.c.).

 93123 Dental services

Diagnosis and treatment services of diseases affecting the patient's teeth or aberrations in the cavity of the mouth, and services aimed at the prevention of development of dental diseases, including dental surgery even when given in hospitals to in-patients.

These dental services can be delivered in health clinics, such as those attached to schools, firms, homes for the aged, etc., as well as in own consulting and operating rooms. It concerns services in the field of general dentistry, such as routine dental examinations, preventive dental care, treatment of caries, etc.; orthodontic services, e.g. treatment of protruding teeth, crossbite, overbite, etc.; services in the field of oral surgery; other specialized dental services, e.g. in the field of periodontics, paedodontics, endodontics and reconstruction.