Committee on Market Access - Rectifications and Modifications of Schedules - Schedule CXXXIX - Republic of Bulgaria - Addendum

World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/MA/TAR/RS/76/Add.1 23 May 2001 (01-2625) Committee on Market Access Original: English rectifications and modifications of schedules Schedule CXXXIX – Republic of Bulgaria Addendum The following communication, dated 21 May 2001, has been received from the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Bulgaria. _______________ With reference to our previous communication as circulated in document G/MA/TAR/RS/76, I would like to inform you that our submitted changes will come into effect after the completion of domestic procedural requirements. We will inform the Secretariat accordingly when these are completed. __________ G/MA/TAR/RS/76/Add.1 Page 1 G/MA/TAR/RS/76/Add.1 Page 1 . /.