Committee on Market Access - A Multilateral Appraisal of the Operation of the Integrated Data Base and Related Technical Assistance Activities - Western and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the Commonw[...]pendent States - Corrigendum

G/MA/IDB/W/9/Corr.1World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/MA/IDB/W/9/Corr.1* 3 May 2001 (01-2279) Committee on Market Access A MULTILATERAL APPRAISAL OF THE OPERATION OF THE INTEGRATED DATA BASE AND RELATED TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE ACTIVITIES - WESTERN AND EASTERN EUROPE, THE BALTIC STATES AND THE COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES Corrigendum Please note that in Table 4 'Summary of IDB Data Submitted and Disseminated as of 31 March 2001', the sign '---' means 'not