Review of the Operation of the Integrated Data Base (IDB) and Related Technical Assistance Activities

World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/MA/IDB/W/7 8 December 2000 (00-5348) Committee on Market Access REVIEW OF THE OPERATION OF THE INTEGRATED DATA BASE (IDB) AND RELATED TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE ACTIVITIES An informal meeting of the Committee on Market Access was convened on 2 October 2000 to continue informal consultations concerning the review of the operation of the IDB and IDB technical assistance activities. Some Members suggested that the review exercise, which was being conducted in accordance with paragraph 19 of document G/MA/IDB/3 of 1 June 1999 (Dissemination of the Integrated Data Base), could be more thorough. The idea of a multilateral review exercise similar to that conducted for the successful HS96 transposition exercise was put forward and received overall support. However, some Members raised questions concerning the modalities. As a result, the Chairman was requested to put together a proposal on the modalities for conducting such a review