Agreement on Textiles and Clothing - Notification under Article 2.1 - Turkey - Addendum

World Trade Organization G/TMB/N/422/Add.4 23 December 2002 (02-7060) Textiles Monitoring Body AGREEMENT ON TEXTILES AND CLOTHING Notification under Article 2.1 TURKEY Addendum The Textiles Monitoring Body has received an additional notification from Turkey pursuant to Article 2.1. The TMB, in accordance with Article 2.2, is circulating this notification to WTO Members for their information. Permanent Mission of Turkey to the World Trade Organization Geneva, 12 December 2002 Dear Mr. Chairman, With reference to your letter of 15 November 2002 requesting, in order to have a clear picture of the growth rates applied on 10 December 2001 to the quantitative restrictions maintained by Turkey on imports from China of the products covered by the ATC, official documents which formed the basis for the last Turkish notification (G/TMB/N/422/Add.3), I am pleased to submit herewith the relevant documents instructed by my authorities