Committee on Government Procurement - Report (2012) of the Committee on Government Procurement

World Trade Organization GPA/116 6 December 2012 (12-6724) REPORT (2012) OF THE COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT GENERAL This report covers the period since the Committee's previous Annual Report, that is midNovember 2011 through early December 2012. It is issued pursuant to Article XXIV:7(a) of the Agreement on Government Procurement ("the Agreement" or "the GPA"). Since the date of circulation of its last Annual Report (16 November 2011), the Committee has held five formal meetings: on 15 December 2011, on 30 March 2012, on 18 July 2012, on 31 October 2012, and on 5 December 2012. The meetings were chaired by Mr Nicholas Niggli (Switzerland) and, beginning on 18 July 2012 and continuing through the rest of the year, by Mr Bruce Christie (Canada). The Committee has also held a series of informal meetings, also chaired by Mr Niggli and, subsequently, by Mr Christie, focusing on the negotiations under Article XXIV:7 of the Agreement; the bringing