Committee on Customs Valuation - Questions to the Delegations of India and Indonesia - Communication from the United States

World Trade Organization G/VAL/W/167 13 May 2008 (08-2207) Committee on Customs Valuation Original: English questions to the delegations of india and indonesia Communication from the United States The following information and questions were raised under Other Business at the meeting of the Committee on Customs Valuation on 6 May 2008. They are being circulated at the request of the delegation of the United States. _______________ INDIA   The United States asks India for clarification on the implementation of two articles of the Agreement on Customs Valuation. With regards to the implementation of Article 11, the information provided by India in its response to the Checklist of Issues in G/VAL/N/2/IND/1 states that under the "Customs Act, 1962 the importer and his agent can appeal against a decision on valuation to the Commissioner (Appeal) in the first instance. A second appeal also lies to the Customs Excise and Gold (Control) Appellate T