Indonesia - Importation of Horticultural Products, Animals and Animal Products - Status report regarding implementation of the DSB recommendations and rulings by Indonesia - Addendum

Indonesia – importation of horticultural products,
animals and animal products

Status Report regarding implementation of
the dsb recommendations and rulings
by Indonesia


The following communication, dated 20 March 2023, from the delegation of Indonesia to the Chairperson of the Dispute Settlement Body, is circulated pursuant to Article 21.6 of the DSU.





Indonesia provided a status report in reference to Article 21.6 of the Understanding of Dispute Settlement Rules and Procedures (DSU).

Indonesia took note of both complainant's interests in the previous meeting. In this occasion, Indonesia continued to reiterate that significant corrective actions, in relation to this dispute, have been carried out related to this dispute. We also remain fully committed to implementing rulings and recommendations of the DSB in this dispute.

In this regard, measure 18 concerning self-sufficiency regulated in relevant laws has been entirely revoked. With regard to measures 1-17, Indonesia has also made significant amendments to the relevant Minister Regulations through removal of the measures at issue, including harvest period restriction, import realization requirements, six–month harvest requirement, reference price, and domestic purchase requirement.

Indonesia also wishes to highlight that Commodity Balance mechanism serves as a tool to support the government's effort in providing comprehensive, detailed, and accurate data, aimed at transparently streamlining permit approval process. This mechanism is integrated with the national database system to provide business certainty without generating restriction on trade. Further, the system integration provided this mechanism has been a major improvement to facilitate trade.

To conclude, Indonesia looks forward to continue working with New Zealand and the United States to solve these disputes.