Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade - Notification - Saint Lucia - Measuring instruments


The following notification is being circulated in accordance with Article 10.6



Notifying Member: Saint Lucia

If applicable, name of local government involved (Article 3.2 and 7.2):


Agency responsible: Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards

Name and address (including telephone and fax numbers, email and website addresses, if available) of agency or authority designated to handle comments regarding the notification shall be indicated if different from above:

Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards
Bisee Industrial Estate
Fax. 1-758-453-7166


Notified under Article 2.9.2 [X], 2.10.1 [  ], 5.6.2 [  ], 5.7.1 [  ], other:


Products covered (HS or CCCN where applicable, otherwise national tariff heading. ICS numbers may be provided in addition, where applicable): Measuring instruments subject to pattern or type approval under Saint Lucia's Metrology Act Chapter 13.18. 8413.11 Fuel dispensers 8413.91 Other 8423.20 Scales for continuous weighing of goods on conveyors 8423.30 Constant weight scales and scales for discharging a predetermined weight of material into a bag or container, including hopper scales 8423.81 Having a maximum weighing capacity not exceeding 30 kg 8423.82 Having a maximum weighing capacity exceeding 30 kg but not exceeding 5,000 kg 8423.89 Other 8423.90 Weighing machine weights of all kinds; parts of weighing machinery 9016.00 Balances of a sensitivity of 5 cg or better, with or without weights. 9017.80 Other instruments 9018.90 Blood pressure monitors 9024.80 Other machines and appliances 9025.11 Liquid-filled, for direct reading 9025.19 Other 9026.20 For measuring or checking pressure 9027.80 Breathalyzers 9028.10 Gas meters 9028.20 Water meters 9028.30 Electrical energy meters 9031.80 Other instruments


Title, number of pages and language(s) of the notified document: Statutory Instrument No.98 of 2019


Description of content: The procedure for pattern or type approval of measuring instruments, as given in the Metrology Act Chapter 13.18,  has been amended.


Objective and rationale, including the nature of urgent problems where applicable: Alignment of  Saint Lucia's procedure for type or pattern approval of measuring instruments with international best practice as per OIML publications and conformity assessment principles.  ; Harmonization; Other


Relevant documents:

·        Metrology Act Cap. 13.18, Statutory Instrument  No. 98 of  2019.


Proposed date of adoption: 1 October 2019

Proposed date of entry into force: 1 October 2019


Final date for comments: 1 November 2019


Texts available from: National enquiry point [X] or address, telephone and fax numbers and email and website addresses, if available, of other body:;;