United States - Anti-Dumping Measures on Certain Hot-Rolled Steel Products from Japan - Request for Consultations by Japan




Request for Consultations by Japan



            The following communication, dated 18 November 1999, from the Permanent Mission of Japan to the Permanent Mission of United States and to the Chairman of the Dispute Settlement Body, is circulated in accordance with Article 4.4 of the DSU.





            Upon instructions from my authorities, I hereby wish to convey the request of the Government of Japan for consultations with the Government of the United States of America pursuant to Article 4 of the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes (DSU), Article XXII:1 of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (GATT 1994), and Article 17.2 of the Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of GATT 1994 (the Anti-Dumping Agreement), regarding the preliminary and final determinations of the United States Department of Commerce (DOC) and the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) on the anti-dumping investigation of Certain Hot-Rolled Steel Products from Japan issued on 25 and 30 November 1998, 12 February, 28 April and 23 June 1999, respectively.


            The Government of Japan considers that these determinations are erroneous and based on deficient procedures pertaining to the United States Tariff Act of 1930 (the Act).  The relevant determinations, procedures and provisions of the Act and related regulations include, but are not limited to, the following: