Committee on Import Licensing - Import licensing system of Indonesia - Replies by Indonesia to the questions from Australia


replies by Indonesia to the questions from Australia[1]

The following communication, dated 20 April 2022, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of Indonesia.





Australia would like to better understand how the proposed usage of the Commodity Balance will affect the issuing of import permits. We would also appreciate if Indonesia could explain whether there was consideration of the adoption of automatic import licensing procedures as part of the Omnibus Law and why this was not adopted.




Commodity Balance aims to create and facilitate better business environment; certainty in doing business; and free flow of goods. Commodity Balance is a policy evaluation tool used by the Government for transparency, based on accurate data. It will be implemented by relevant ministries/institutions.


Commodity Balance is not an additional burden for Indonesia's import regime.  From the perspective of government policy, Commodity Balance will provide a complete, detailed, transparent and accurate data for relevant ministries. For business, it aims to support certainty in doing business, transparency, and the forecasting for business development.


[1] Circulated on 26 May 2021 in document G/LIC/Q/IDN/44.