Committee on Rules of Origin - Overall Architecture of the Harmonized Non-Preferential Rules of Origin - Note by the Secretariat

World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/RO/W/43 27 July 1999 (99-3145) Committee on Rules of Origin overall architecture of the harmonized non-preferential rules of origin Note by the Secretariat As agreed in the meeting of the Committee on Rules of Origin on 23 July 1999, the latest update of the text of the overall architecture is herewith circulated to Members. WORKING DOCUMENT HARMONIZED NON-PREFERENTIAL RULES OF ORIGIN* Where no square bracket is placed in the text, it is understood that a general consensus has been reached on the text, subject to the overall coherence examination. *Order of rules and the placement of rules are to be finalised. Definitions [References to manufacturing, producing or processing goods include any kind of working, assembly or processing operation. Methods of obtaining goods include manufacturing, raising, growing, breeding, mining, extracting, harvesting, fishing trapping, gathering, hun