Council for Trade in Goods - Minutes of the Meeting of the Council for Trade in Goods 1 February 2012

World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/C/M/109 29 February 2012 (121177) Council for Trade in Goods MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE COUNCIL FOR TRADE IN GOODS 1 February 2012 Chairperson: H.E. Ambassador Jüri SEILENTHAL (Estonia) The meeting of the Council for Trade in Goods was convened by airgram WTO/AIR/3885; the proposed agenda for the meeting was contained in document G/C/W/663. The meeting proceeded on the basis of the following agenda. I. Cuba - request for an extension of the waiver concerning article xv:6 of the gatt 1994 contained in the decision of 15 december 2006 2 II. European Union - request for a waiver on additional autonomous trade preferences granted by the European Union to Pakistan (g/c/W/640/rEv.2) 2 III. Chinese Taipei's subsidies for the Purchase of Domestic Electronic Appliances - Statement by the Republic of Korea 5 IV. OTHER BUSINESS 6 A. Brazil's Increase of the Industrial Product Tax on the Automotive Sector 6 B. Appoin