Council for Trade in Goods - Minutes of the Meeting of the Council for Trade in Goods - 1 October 2004 - Addendum

World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/C/M/75/Add.1 13 September 2005 (05-3989) Council for Trade in Goods MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE COUNCIL FOR TRADE IN GOODS 1 OCTOBER 2004 Chairman: H.E. Ambassador Chiaradia (Argentina) Addendum v. MAJOR REVIEW OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE AGREEMENT ON TEXTILES AND CLOTHING (ATC) IN THE THIRD STAGE OF THE INTEGRATION PROCESS PURSUANT TO ARTICLE 8.11 OF THE AGREEMENT (G/L/683, G/L/692) 5.1 The Chairman recalled the specific mandate for the review, in Article 8.11 of the ATC, which provides that “In order to oversee the implementation of this Agreement, the Council for Trade in Goods shall conduct a Major Review before the end of each stage of the integration process.” He noted that the end of the third stage of the integration process, which covered the years 2002-2004, was close, and that the Agreement itself would expire, as provided, on the first day of the 121st month of which the Agreement has been in force, na