Working Party on State Trading Enterprises - Report (2011) of the Working Party on State Trading Enterprises - Revision

World Trade Organization G/L/971/Rev.1* 7 November 2011 (11-5656) REPORT (2011) OF THE WORKING PARTY ON STATE TRADING ENTERPRISES Revision OrganiZation of the work of the Working Party The Working Party on State Trading Enterprises was established by the Council for Trade in Goods at its meeting of 20 February 1995, pursuant to paragraph 5 of the Understanding on the Interpretation of Article XVII of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (hereinafter "the Understanding"). Membership of the Working Party is open to all Members indicating their wish to serve on it. Observer governments in the General Council of the WTO have observer status in the Working Party. During the period under review (19 October 2010 to 27 October 2011, i.e. the period of time between the regular, annual meetings of the Working Part y ), Mr Christian FRESARD (Chile) assumed the Chairpersonship of the Working Party from Ms Doris JURADO (Colombia). Mr FRESARD was appoin