Committee on Anti-Dumping - Minutes of the regular meeting held on 26 October 2022

HELD ON 26 october 2022

Chair: Mr. Juan Carlos ESTRELLA (Ecuador)

1.       The Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices (the "Committee") held a regular meeting on 26 October 2022.

2.       As the meeting was held in person as well as virtually via Interprefy, the Chair reminded Members of the different technical arrangements for participating remotely as reflected in the "Technical Guide", a link to which had also been included in the airgram convening the meeting.

3.       The Chair reiterated his request to delegations to provide their up-to-date contact details by email to the Secretariat, so that it can update its contact details list, currently contained in document RD/ADP/3/Rev.18.

4.       The Committee adopted the following agenda contained in document WTO/AIR/ADP/37:


1         National legislation.. 2

1.1 Review of notifications of new or amended legislation or regulations not
previously reviewed by the Committee (including supplemental notifications
of existing provisions not previously reviewed)

1.1.1        Brazil (G/ADP/N/1/BRA/3/Suppl.18, and G/ADP/N/1/BRA/3/Suppl.19 - G/SCM/N/1/BRA/2/Suppl.21 - G/SG/N/1/BRA/3/Suppl.12) 2

1.1.2        Canada (G/ADP/N/1/CAN/4/Suppl.5 - G/SCM/N/1/CAN/4/Suppl.4 - G/SG/N/1/CAN/3/Suppl.3) 2

1.1.3        Djibouti (G/ADP/N/1/DJI/1) 2

1.1.4        United Kingdom (G/ADP/N/1/GBR/1/Suppl.13 - G/SCM/N/1/GBR/1/Suppl.12 - G/SG/N/1/GBR/1/Suppl.12, G/ADP/N/1/GBR/1/Suppl.14 -
G/SCM/N/1/GBR/1/Suppl.13 - G/SG/N/1/GBR/1/Suppl.13, and G/ADP/N/1/GBR/1/Suppl.15 - G/SCM/N/1/GBR/1/Suppl.14 -

1.2      Review of notifications of new or amended legislation or
regulations with outstanding written questions.

1.2.1        India (G/ADP/N/1/IND/2/Suppl.11) 3

1.2.2        Saint Kitts and Nevis (G/ADP/N/1/KNA/1 - G/SCM/N/1/KNA/1) 3

2         national legislation – continuing review of legislative notifications previously reviewed by the committee. 4

A. written follow-up QUESTIONS CONCERNING previously
 reviewed legislative notifications:

2.1      Cameroon (G/ADP/N/1/CMR/2 - G/SCM/N/1/CMR/2 – G/SG/N/1/CMR/2) 4

B. outstanding written follow-up questions concerning
previously reviewed legislative notifICations posed
Under this agenda item at previous committee meetings:

2.2      European Union (G/ADP/N/1/EU/3/Suppl.2 - G/SCM/N/1/EU/2/Suppl.2 and G/ADP/N/1/EU/3/Suppl.3 - G/SCM/N/1/EU/2/Suppl.3) 4

2.3      Ghana (G/ADP/N/1/GHA/2 - G/SCM/N/1/GHA/2 - G/SG/N/1/GHA/2) 4

2.4      Liberia (G/ADP/N/1/LBR/1) 5

3         Semi-annual Reports of Anti-dumping Actions
(Article 16.4) (G/ADP/N/370).

4         Preliminary and Final Anti-dumping Actions:

5         Chairperson's Report on the Meeting of
the Informal Group on Anti‑circumvention..

6         Chairperson's Report on the Meeting of
the Working group on Implementation..

7         Other business. 28

8         Date of the next regular meeting. 30

9         Annual report of the committee to the council for
trade in goods (article 18.6).