Committee on Agriculture - Special session - Sub-Committee on Cotton - Cotton - Background paper by the Secretariat - Addendum
作者:WTO Secretariat
文件編號:TN/AG/GEN/34/Rev.16/Add.2, TN/AG/SCC/GEN/13/Rev.16/Add.2


Background paper by the Secretariat[1]


This addendum refers to and must be read in conjunction with document TN/AG/GEN/34/Rev.16 ‑ TN/AG/SCC/GEN/13/Rev.16. It provides information on market access data for relevant cotton-related products[2] as described in Part 3 (paragraph 3.5) of document TN/AG/GEN/34/Rev.16 - TN/AG/SCC/GEN/13/Rev.16.


The main updates captured in this revised version compared to the previous one[3] are as follows:


·          In Section 1 - TARIFFS, updated tariff tables for the following Members: European Union; Hong Kong, China; India; Indonesia; Japan; Kenya; Malaysia; Mexico; Norway; Russian Federation; Turkey; and the United States;


·          In Section 3 - TARIFF RATE QUOTAS, updated Iceland and South Africa's tables and charts in Section 3.3 TRQ quantities and in-quota imports for relevant cotton-related products; and


·          In Section 4 - OTHER NON-TARIFF MEASURES, 1 new SPS measure by the European Union, 11 new SPS measures by Japan, and 2 new SPS measures by the United States.


[1] This document has been prepared under the Secretariat's own responsibility and is without prejudice to the positions of Members or to their rights and obligations under the WTO. It has been prepared for information only and is not intended to provide any authoritative or official legal interpretation of the provisions of the WTO Agreements in general on in relation to any measure listed in this document.

[2] In this addendum, relevant cotton-related products refer to those products listed in the annex to the Nairobi Decision on Cotton (document WT/MIN(15)/46 and WT/L/981), excluding tariff lines 5201, 5202, and 5203.

[3] TN/AG/GEN/34/Rev.14/Add.2 ‑ TN/AG/SCC/GEN/13/Rev.14/Add.2.