Committee on Agriculture - Notification - European Union - Domestic support - Table DS:1 - Marketing year 2018 / 2019 - Corrigendum
作者:European Union



The following submission, dated 13 January 2022, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of the European Union.The corrigendum concerns domestic support commitments (Table DS:1 and the relevant supporting tables) for the Marketing Year 2018/2019.





Information provided by the European Union on the period since 1 January 2021 covers its current 27 member States. For the period until 31 December 2020, information provided by the European Union also covers the United Kingdom.


Due to a manipulation error in Supporting Table DS:6, an amount of EUR 25.4 million was counted twice in the support reported for "wine", as indicated in the reply to question AG-IMS ID 99074. The entry entitled "national support" for "wine" under Supporting Table DS:6 should be eliminated and deducted from the total support provided to "wine". As a consequence of this correction, the values reported under Supporting Table DS:4 for "wine" will also change, but there is no change to the Current Total AMS since overall support to "wine" is still below de minimis (2.1% of VoP). For clarity purposes, the affected tables are replicated below. Modified values are shown in bold.