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Council for Trade in Services - Notification of regional trade agreement - Turkey and Serbia
作者:Turkey and Serbia

NOTIFICATION of regional trade agreement


Member(s) notifying: Turkey


Date of notification: 10 January 2022


Notification pursuant to

[ ] Article XXIV:7(a) of GATT 1994

[X] Article V:7(a) of GATS

[ ] Paragraph 4(a) of the Enabling Clause


Parties to the Agreement: Turkey and Serbia


Date of signature: 30 January 2018 (only the Protocols)


Date(s) of entry into Force: 1 June 2019 (only the Protocols)


Brief description of the Agreement:

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Turkey and Serbia establishes a free trade area between these countries, consistent with Article XXIV of GATT 1994[1], and Article V of GATS. The new and revised protocols of the FTA aim to liberalise and facilitate trade in agricultural goods and services between the Parties in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

The revised Protocol I of the FTA consists of five Articles which envisage to provide additional liberalisation on agricultural goods. The new Protocol III of the FTA consists of eight Sections and contains the areas of general provisions, temporary movement of natural persons, telecommunication services, financial services, road transport and auxiliary services, electronic commerce, co-production on film and tv series, final provisions.


Text and related schedules, annexes and protocols are:

[ ] submitted to the WTO Secretariat (electronic format)

[X] available from the following official Internet link(s):

The Republic of Turkey:

The Republic of Serbia:




[1] This is of relevance for the following document series: WT/REG288. Changes affecting the implementation of the goods related aspects of this Agreement are reflected through the circulation of a notification of changes (WT/REG288/N/1/Add.1).