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Informal Working Group on MSME - Open-ended meeting of 8 November 2021 - Summary of discussions - Corrigendum
作者:WTO Secretariat

Informal Working Group on MSME


Summary of discussions


Paragraph 1.4 should read as follows:

"The Group received one presentation by WIPO's Assistant Director General, Marco Aleman regarding the tools and supports the organization is developing for MSME IP by WIPO's IP Business Division. MSMEs are important to the global economy, but they do not always know how to make the best use of IP or its potential benefits to increase competitiveness and visibility as well as to avoid the risk of unknowingly infringing on proprietary content. WIPO is actively working to develop resources for MSMEs related to IP. These include an IP diagnostic tool, IP for business guides (this includes guides currently in development on IP and technologies like artificial intelligence and Big Data), a list of intermediaries and IP support offices that MSMEs can contact, IP management support, and information on IP and finance such as IP-backed finance. The WIPO IP Business Division is also currently supporting a number of projects and activities for MSMEs in the economies of many MSME Group members. WIPO also works to provide training and support services through the development of business support units in national IP offices, mapping of MSME intermediary institutions and their services, the Inventor Assistance Program (IAP) and patent drafting programs. ADG Aleman noted WIPO's interest in providing regular updates to the MSME Group to maintain open communication channels and keep the Group apprised of WIPO's efforts."

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