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Committee on Regional Trade Agreements - Factual presentation - Free trade agreement between Ukraine and Israel - Goods - Report by the Secretariat
作者:WTO Secretariat

Factual Presentation

Free Trade agreement between Ukraine and Israel

Report by the Secretariat

This report, prepared for the consideration of the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Israel, has been drawn up by the WTO Secretariat on its own responsibility and in full consultation with the Parties. The factual presentation reproduces as closely as possible the terminology used in the Agreement and in the comments provided and does not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the Secretariat of such terminology. The report has been drawn up in accordance with the rules and procedures contained in the Decision for a Transparency Mechanism for Regional Trade Agreements (WT/L/671) and thus does not imply any value judgement by the Secretariat regarding the contents of the Agreement.

Any technical questions arising from this report may be addressed to Peter Milthorp (tel: +41 22 739 5016). Any statistical questions arising from this report may be addressed to Thakur Parajuli (tel: +41 22 739 5473).