Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade - Proposal on transparency - Ninth triennial review - Submission from the Philippines - Revision

Proposal on Transparency


Submission from the Philippines


The following submission, dated 17 June 2021, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of the Philippines.





1  Background

1.1.  Transparency is a basic foundation for the proper and effective implementation of the TBT Agreement.

1.2.  The notification to the WTO of technical regulations and standards, and conformity assessment procedures, in the three official WTO languages do not extend to cover the full texts of these measures.

1.3.  When the full texts of measures are not in any of the WTO languages (e.g. English), consultations on such measures by a Member's authorities with stakeholders (e.g. exporters, importers, manufacturers) are not facilitated.

1.4.  And when Members do not favorably respond to requests from other Members to provide the full text of their notified measures, or even just their summaries, in the official WTO languages, consultations with stakeholders become difficult, and most of the time, not possible.

2  Proposal

2.1.  Where a Member has translated into any of the official WTO languages the full text of another Member's notified measure/s, that Member is encouraged to announce the availability of the translation through ePing.




[1] Change in bold.