Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices - Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures - Committee on Safeguards - Notification of laws and regulations under articles 18.5, 32.6 and 12.6 of the Agreements - Follow-up question posed by the United States regarding the notification of Bolivia
作者:United States
文件編號:G/ADP/Q1/BOL/6, G/SCM/Q1/BOL/6, G/SG/Q1/BOL/3

Notification of laws and regulations under
articles 18.5, 32.6 and 12.6 of the agreements

FOLLOW-UP Question Posed by the UNITED STATES Regarding
the Notification of BOLIVIA

The following communication, dated and received on 31 March 2021, is being circulated at the request of the Delegation of the United States.





The United States thanks BOLIVIA for its responses and poses follow‑up question[2]:


In response to Question 9 regarding the ability for interested parties to gain access to the preliminary technical report and other case documents, you state that publications and notifications shall be made in accordance with Annex 1, Chapter VIII, Article 68 of the Ministerial Resolution No. 1652. Article 68 of the Resolution states the following: "[i]f it is appropriate to initiate an investigation, the Investigating Authority shall likewise publish in a newspaper with a wide circulation the notice." Please identify the newspaper or other publication in which the Investigating Authority will publish notifications regarding the initiation of trade remedy investigations. Please also advise whether such notifications and other documents relating to trade remedy investigations will be made available by the Investigating Authority on its website, and if so, the on‑line address for the authority's webpage.

[1] G/ADP/Q1/BOL/5 ‑ G/SCM/Q1/BOL/5 ‑ G/SG/Q1/BOL/2.

[2] For the sake of efficiency, the United States suggests that committee review for this question be conducted in the Committee on Anti‑Dumping Practices.