Report (2020) of the Committee on Rules of Origin to the General Council on preferential rules of origin for least developed countries
作者:The Committee on Rules of Origin

General COUNCIL on Preferential Rules of Origin
for least developed countries

1.       This report is being submitted by the Committee on Rules of Origin (CRO) to the General Council as required by the 2013 (Bali) and the 2015 (Nairobi) Ministerial Decisions on preferential rules of origin for Least-developed Countries (WT/L/917 and WT/L/917/Add.1 respectively). According to the provisions of these Decisions, the Committee on Rules of Origin (CRO) "shall annually review the developments in preferential rules of origin applicable to imports from LDCs" and report to the General Council.

2.       Members discussed several matters related to preferential rules of origin for LDCs in the two meetings held by the CRO in 2020.[1] The following are some of the recent developments Members took note of:

Transparency (notifications)

-             Members now have access to detailed information about preferential rules of origin and origin requirements for LDCs as practically all preference-granting Members have submitted a notification using the agreed notification template (G/RO/84). Chile and Chinese Taipei have, in addition, updated their notifications in 2020. Information about the rules applied to LDC duty schemes is only missing for the schemes of Armenia and Iceland.

-             While progress with respect to preferential tariff and import data has been slower, there have been significant improvements in 2020, notably with the notification of preferential import statistics by China (2018), Iceland, the Russian Federation and Thailand. Despite these improvements, no statistics or only partial statistics were available for the LDC duty schemes of Armenia; China; Iceland; India; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyz Republic; Montenegro; New Zealand; Russian Federation; and Turkey. Document G/RO/W/163/Rev.8 describes in detail the information available with the Secretariat to this date.

-             These notifications, including preferential import statistics, can be accessed through the WTO Preferential Trade Arrangements (PTA) database (

-             In addition, information about origin requirements is available, at the tariff-line level, through the "Origin Facilitator" (, a collaboration between the Secretariats of the World Customs Organization, the International Trade Centre and the WTO. The Secretariat informed Members that the Facilitator is now also available in Spanish and French.

[1] The minutes of these meetings are contained in documents G/RO/M/74 and [G/RO/M/75] respectively and contain a more detailed account of the discussions held in 2020.