Committee on Market Access - Report (2020) of the Committee on Market Access to the Council for Trade in Goods - Draft
作者:Committee on Market Access

 report (2020) of the committee on market Access
to the council for trade in goods


1. Since the last review[1], the Committee on Market Access has held two formal meetings (8 June 2020 and 12 November 2020) and four informal meetings (28 February, 20 May, 10 July and 16 October 2020). The minutes of the formal meetings are contained in documents G/MA/M/72, and G/MA/M/73 (to be issued).

2. On 10 December 2020, the Secretariat informed Members that the Chairperson, Mr. Fernando ESCOBAR (Bolivia), had relinquished his post in Geneva.  Accordingly, as set out in Rule 14 of the Rules of Procedure for Meetings of the Committee on Market Access (G/L/148), the vice-Chairperson, Mr. Christopher O'TOOLE (Canada), became the Chairperson effective from that date. 

3. At its formal meeting of 8 June 2020, the Committee took note that the consultations in the Council for Trade in Goods concerning the Chairpersons of the subsidiary bodies remained ongoing, and agreed that, once the issue had been resolved, the Secretariat would send a communication with the proposed candidate and set a deadline for objections. On 27 July 2020, the Secretariat informed Members that Mr Anatoly CHAPLIN (Russian Federation) had been nominated, and on 30 July 2020 a second communication confirmed that he had been elected. At its meeting of 12 November 2020, the Committee elected [    ] as Vice‑Chairperson.

[1] G/L/1338, dated 15 November 2019.