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General Council - Agenda item 2 - Implementation of the Bali, Nairobi and Buenos Aires outcomes - Statement by the Chair - Tuesday, 13 October 2020
作者:General Council

 agenda Item 2: Implementation of the Bali, Nairobi and Buenos Aires Outcomes – Statement by the Chair


1.1.  This item remains on the agenda so that the General Council can continue to follow up, in a horizontal and transparent manner, on the Ministerial decisions adopted in Bali, Nairobi and Buenos Aires.

1.2.  My statement today will focus on those areas where there are developments to report and is based on the information and inputs provided by the Chairs of the regular bodies on the implementation work taking place further to Ministerial mandates in their respective areas.

1.3.  Starting with TRIPS non-violation and situation complaints, the tentative indications of a new submission have not yet materialized and I understand that the TRIPS Council Chair is considering leading an informal exchange after the TRIPS Council meeting this week, where the item is again on the agenda.

1.4.  In Agriculture, subsequent to the invocation of the Bali Ministerial Decision on Public Stockholding for Food Security Purposes by a Member, the Committee on Agriculture reviewed the notified information at its July and September 2020 meetings. The specific issues raised by Members at those meetings and the responses provided by the notifying Member may be viewed in the Agriculture Information Management System (AG-IMS), which contains the record of the Committee Review Process since 1995.

1.5.  Subsequent to the adoption by the General Council of the recommendations of the review of the operation of the Bali TRQ Administration Decision, the Committee on Agriculture considered the issue of the follow-up to the Decision at its September meeting. A Secretariat background note featuring data on TRQ administration, fill rates and additional elements based on the agreed recommendations supported the Committee’s discussions. The Secretariat also shared a draft underfill Tracking Register which will be finalized at the November meeting of the Committee, on the basis of Members' comments.