Committee on Safeguards - Virtual informal meeting of the WTO Committee on Safeguards of 27 July 2020 on an EU request for a review under article 13.1 (e) of the Agreement on Safeguards - EU intervention statements
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Virtual Informal Meeting of the WTO Committee on
Safeguards of 27 July 2020 on an EU Request for a review
under article 13.1 (e) of the agreement on Safeguards

EU Intervention Statements

The following statement, dated 27 July 2020, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of the European Union.






·        On behalf of the European Union (hereinafter "EU"), I would like to thank the Chair of the Committee, Ms Dellar, and the WTO Secretariat for organising this informal meeting of the Safeguards Committee. I would also like to thank the other WTO Members which are present in this meeting for attending.

·        This informal meeting takes place following the request by the EU to this Committee under Article 13.1(e) of the Agreement on Safeguards to review the proposal of suspension of concessions notified by Turkey to the WTO on 25 May 2020[1] and updated last week on 23 July 2020.

·        Last May, Turkey notified its intention to suspend concessions and other obligations vis-a-vis the EU in reaction to the alleged adverse effects on Turkish steel trade caused by the definitive safeguard measure on imports of certain steel products which the EU adopted on 31 January 2019[2]. In the meantime, the EU safeguard measure in question has been reviewed twice by the EU, namely in September 2019[3] and in June 2020[4].

·        In its suspension of concessions notification, Turkey advances that the alleged adverse effects of the EU safeguard measure on its trade with the EU would amount to $ 1.810 million on an annual basis. Turkey has not notified to the WTO the details of this calculation. Turkey has apparently based this calculation on its level of exports to the EU in 2018.

[1] G/L/1359 - G/SG/N/12/TUR/9 of 22 May 2020.

[2] OJ L31 of 1 February 2019.

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[4] OJ L206 of 30 June 2020.