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Sub-Committee on Cotton - Director-General's Consultative Framework Mechanism on Cotton - Evolving table - 29th version - Revision
作者:Sub-Committee on Cotton






20 July 2020





Dear Ambassadors/Permanent Representatives,


I am enclosing the latest version of the Evolving Table on Cotton Development Assistance (WT/CFMC/6/Rev.28) for review by Members in advance of the next Round of the Director‑General's Consultative Framework Mechanism on Cotton (DGCFMC). 


The enclosed Evolving Table (ET) contains updates from Australia, Brazil, the European Union, France, Japan, and the United States, as well as from the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF).


Six projects have been completed under Part I on cotton-specific development assistance. This brings the total number of active projects to 24. As regards Part II on Agriculture and Infrastructure-Related Development Assistance, there are now 51 active projects, reflecting the addition of 24 new projects by Japan, as well as the completion of 9 projects supported by the United States and 6 projects supported by Japan.


Updates to Part III of the Evolving Table, which contains the coordinates of national cotton sector focal points established by beneficiaries, include the designation of a new focal point for Mali. I strongly encourage other beneficiaries to share updates under Part III.


I also refer you to the 18th version of the Table on Domestic Cotton Sector Reforms (WT/CFMC/21/Rev.17), for which no updates have been received. I encourage beneficiary countries to update this important document.


The 33rd Round of the DGCFMC will be held on 30 July 2020. The thirteenth Dedicated Discussion of the Relevant Trade-related Developments on Cotton will take place on the afternoon of the same day, and immediately followed by an information session on Cotton and COVID-19, entitled "From facts to solutions".


The enclosed documents will form the basis for the 33rd Round of Consultations of the DGCFMC, which will be chaired by DDG Alan Wm. Wolff on my behalf.



Yours sincerely,




Roberto Azevêdo