Committee on Market Access - List of Members' official websites with tariff information and import statistics - Report by the Secretariat - Revision
作者:WTO Secretariat

List of Members' Official Websites with
tariff inforMation and import statistics

report by the secretariat[1]



1.       This report has been prepared by the Secretariat pursuant to paragraph 16 of the "Decision on Modalities and Operation of the Integrated Database (IDB)"[2], which requires it to maintain a list of official websites in which tariff information or import data are publicly available. 

2.       The Annex contains information that has been compiled based on different publicly available sources, including Members' transparency notifications pursuant to Article 1.4 of the Trade Facilitation Agreement.  An initial draft of the report was sent for validation to Members on 31 July 2019.  This revision includes updated information provided by Members as of 20 April 2020.  Although the Secretariat verified that the websites were active on that date, it is possible that some of them have ceased to be active by the time of circulation of this document. 

3.       Members are requested to verify the accuracy of the listed websites and to inform the Secretariat of any error or change they would like to introduce in the list.



[1] This document has been prepared under the Secretariat's own responsibility and is without prejudice to the positions of Members or to their rights and obligations under the WTO Agreement.

[2] Decision of 28 May 2019, G/MA/367.