Committee on Import Licensing - Import licensing system of the Dominican Republic - Questions from the United States to the Dominican Republic
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 import licensing system of the Dominican Republic

questions from the United States to the Dominican Republic

The following communication, dated 11 March 2020, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of the United States.





The United States would like to draw Member’s attention to G/LIC/Q/DOM/1, and request the Dominican Republic to respond to written questions submitted by the United States on 29 April 2019.


The Dominican Republic indicated in its intervention on the floor of the Committee on Import Licensing that the “Agricultural and Livestock Promotion Committee” (DPAG) issues import permits for statistical purposes. The Dominican Republic also confirmed that products not subject to WTO notified tariff rate quotas will receive these permits automatically.


·        Please explain why the Minister of Agriculture has to sign each one of the import permits issued by DPAG. The language of the DPAG permit clearly indicates a requirement of an import authorization from the Minister (i.e., the Minister authorizes that the company “inspect and dispatch” a certain quantity of a particular commodity), not related to statistical purposes.


·        For what reason might the Minister of Agriculture not automatically sign an import authorization?


·        Can the Minister of Agriculture require changes to the quantity of product requested in an import authorization? In what circumstances might he take this action?


·        Please confirm that products not listed under the Dominican Republic’s tariff rate quotas, such as potatoes and hatching eggs, would be issued such a permit automatically.


·        Please confirm that such automatic licenses are issued consistently throughout the year.