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WTO structured discussions on investment facilitation for development - Meeting of 12 and 13 March 2020 - Annotated agenda by the Coordinator
作者:The Coordinator

 WTO Structured Discussions on
Investment Facilitation for Development

meeting of 12 and 13 march 2020

Annotated Agenda by the Coordinator

This annotated agenda is intended to facilitate discussions at the meeting scheduled on 12 and 13 March 2020.

Following the decision taken by participating Members to move into negotiating mode as of this meeting[1], and following the working methodology endorsed by participating Members at the organizational meeting on 27 February (Annex to document INF/IFD/W/16, 24 February 2020), the purpose of this meeting is to start negotiations with a view to further developing the elements and specific provisions of a multilateral framework on investment facilitation for development, on the basis of the Streamlined Text (INF/IFD/RD/45, 17 January 2020) and additional proposals by Members.[2]

Members are encouraged to actively participate in the negotiations and to provide their concrete positions/proposals/drafting suggestions on the different issues under consideration. In keeping with the open, transparent and inclusive nature of this initiative, all WTO Members are invited to participate in the meeting.

[1] See the summary of the meeting of the Structured Discussions on Investment Facilitation for Development held on 12 December 2019, contained in document INF/IFD/R/10, dated 17 January 2020.

[2] At the time of writing this Annotated Agenda, a proposal from the European Union was circulated in document INF/IFD/RD/46. The proposal was introduced by the European Union at the organizational meeting on 27 February.